For Movember, we caught up with Men's Health Cover Guy 2016 Winner - Dr Ravinash Ratnam. 

It is always our believe that we need to keep our bodies fit & healthy while looking good too. After all, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. 

Dr Ravinash embodies all that & more. He is a very disciplined & motivated person. Despite his busy schedule & huge amounts of responsibility working as a doctor in a busy public hospital, he still managed to keep himself fit & hits the gym regularly. His steely determination & hard work plus boyish good looks helped him emerge as the winner of the Men's Health Cover Guy 2016.  

Underneath all that huge biceps & well chiselled muscles, lies a very intelligent doctor who is furthering his studies in the field of internal medicine. 

We only have one body & one life. If we do not care for it, nurture it & keep it healthy, it will soon give up on us. 

So for the month of Movember, we shall all be aiming to get fit, look good & feel great! 

Time to dust the sneakers, put our sports gears on & hit the road running. And while you are at it, don't forget to look good too. 

It's Movember: Get Fit, Look Good & Feel Great!

Recent research by the Malaysian Ministry of Health found that premature deaths are twice as likely to occur in men aged between 15-65 compared to women. The main causes are cardiovascular related diseases, lung related diseases, road fatalities & cancer. 

Thus Dr Ravinash has come at an opportune time to help encourage & motivate all of us to be healthier & fitter to avoid being part of that statistics. According to him, we should not be wasting our time slacking around. We should always be on the move & have a direction in life. He believes that we should always review every aspect of our life & never be too complacent.